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Feet/Ankles Fracture Treatment

Your feet and ankles are where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Wear and strain can be avoided to a degree with proper care and footwear, but the reality is that your lower extremities are a portion of your body that lives a high-impact life.

Because of this, it is crucial that you pay close attention to any warning signs that something may not be right.


A fracture is classified as either a very small break, or a severe bruise within the bone itself. It can be caused by an injury that causes immediate pain, or by repetitive motions and activities over time. This is an especially common injury for those who have physical jobs or are involved in frequent athletic activities.

What Does a Fracture in Your Foot or Ankle Feel Like?

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Trouble bearing weight
  • It is painful to put on or remove your shoe
  • Tenderness to the touch
  • Bruising

Sprains and Ligament Tears

Damage to the ligaments in the ankle are most commonly known as “sprains.” The severity of the damage certainly can differ from case to case, but they all are the painful result of suddenly stretching, and possibly tearing, the ligaments that hold your ankle bones together.

A substantial tear is the most extreme form of a sprain, and will certainly require medical care and possibly even surgery.

How Do You Know If You Have a Sprained Ankle?

  • Was there an event that triggered the trauma? Rolling your ankle, for example, can often cause sprains
  • Difficulty walking or bearing weight
  • Swelling
  • Bruising develops a few days after the injury
  • Instability
  • In extreme cases, you may hear a popping sound when the injury takes place


Arthritis is a common, and often severe, form of chronic joint inflammation. The likelihood of developing arthritis increases over time, especially as the joints in the foot and ankle sustain more wear and tear. The deterioration of cartilage (essentially the cushioning within the joint) not only causes pain during everyday activities, but also limits mobility.

What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis?

  • Tenderness and pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Joint stiffness and swelling

Do You Need Urgent Care in Lufkin?

We know that orthopedic injuries can’t be scheduled (who would want to anyway?). The medical team here at Dedicated Orthopedic Center Urgent Care is ready to meet your Lufkin orthopedic urgent care needs 7 days a week. No appointment is needed; we are standing by to provide immediate, gold-star care for your musculoskeletal injury.

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